Light Tackle 

Light tackle season generally starts around November through to the end of March. A typical day consists of trolling skirted lures and using live baits over bait schools, in and around the best offshore reefs available four juvenile Black Marlin. Your heart will be pumping with the incredible acrobatics of these fish as you watch them put on a show for you and everyone onboard! It’s not uncommon to see upwards of 5 bites in a day, with the high possibility of getting into some quality by-catch including Wahoo, Dolphin Fish, Spanish Mackerel and Tuna. Truly an experience to tick off for anyone with a love for sportfishing.


Heavy Tackle

Our Blue Marlin fishery off the Gold and Tweed Coast is something that must be experienced for yourself! Nothing compares to watching a giant Blue Marlin crash tackle lures while trolling at 7 knots. Your heart will be in your mouth as you watch line disappear off the screaming reel you are preparing to harness into. These powerful fish are amazing to see up close and a must-do for any angler with a bucket list. Heavy tackle season starts from November through to June but can be fished year-round with opportunities to catch giant Yellow Fin Tuna in September an October as well as Wahoo, Dolphin Fish, Short Bill Spearfish and Stripe Marlin. For something different try deep drop for some quality bottom fish through the cooler months.


Summer Offshore

The summer month offers the opportunity to fish the local inshore reefs for Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, GTs, Dolphin Fish, Yellowfin Tuna, Cobia and many other species. All excellent sportfish and great on the dinner plate. These fish are targeted using a wide range of techniques including, micro jigging, popping, trolling, dead and live baits and using a downrigger.


Winter Offshore

The Tweed and Gold Coast offshore reefs and wrecks offer some incredible sportfishing during the winter months. We chase fish with a wide range of techniques including float lining, casting plastics, jigging, micro jigging and live baiting for quality fish including trophy-size Kingfish, Amber Jack and Samson Fish.